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My name is Daniel, and I am a Software Engineer living in SoCal.

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Major Take Aways From re:Invent


A blog post describing how the real time blood glucose stats visual works.


A blog post describing how this website was built and deployed (CI/CD AWS Microservice)



Finding Hidden Messages In DNA

Las Vegas Algorithms to the rescue!


The source code for this website.

Python Lunch And Learn

I hosted a Python Lunch and Learn for associates at Capital Group. This is the repo I created for that session.

Blood Glucose Stats

A person without Type 1 Diabetes has an average blood glucose reading of 120. The graphic shows whether I am above, below, or at average. Leveraging an open source project called Nightscout I am able to scrape the data from the continous glucose monitor that I wear on my body. I hope to develop analytics and insights into glucose readings to help Type I Diabetics better manage their Diabetes.


I hold the following certifications:

Finding Hidden Messages in DNA (Bioinformatics I) (with Honors) Certification Date Dec 2018 – Present
License QN5QZ9YMPCE7


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