Inhalable Insulin Carrier V1

A 3D print to solve the pain that is carrying inhalable insulin around.

My experience as a Lab Rat 🧀🐀

My experience doing a clinical trial for a new Type 1 Diabetes Drug

Goals Check-In ⛳️

Every year I buy a whiteboard and write my goals for the year on that whiteboard. I then hang that whiteboard up somewhere I can see it every day. The objective is not necessarily to check off every goal on the whiteboard, but to guide my actions toward my priorities when I am feeling in a funk.

Armenian Words

Generating Armenian word translations for upload to quizlet

Glucose Datascience

Predicting with 79% accuracy which days I exercised based on Blood Glucose Data with Neural Networks

Glucose Sound

I wonder what a days worth of glucose readings sound like?

What I Imagine the world will be like in 2040

I wanted to write down some of my thoughts of what I thought the year 2040 would be like. Some may be wildly wrong, but I thought it would be a fun exercise.

Black Lives Matter

At a time when every person has every excuse not to get out there, people came out in massive numbers. People weighed the risk of a global pandemic, against the cost of doing nothing, and they chose to do something.

Github Actions

How I use Github Actions to deploy this Hugo static site to AWS S3 and Cloudfront.

Covid-19 Genome Analysis

Using Python to Inspect the Covid-19 Genome